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  • How long will it take to lose weight?

    One of the first questions people ask when looking at a new diet plan is – how long will it take to lose weight? The main reason for going on a diet is obviously to lose weight and improve your fitness and your health but in reality the quicker you lose weight the more chance of putting it back on.

    Life changing diets

    We’ve all seen the diets which promise we can lose so many pounds after just a few days when in reality we all know this is not possible. The idea of a successful diet is to change the metabolism of your body as well as the number of calories you intake and your fitness regime. If you think of a diet as a means of changing your long-term life and your long-term eating habits then this is not 1,000,000 miles from the truth. Read more »

    Diet Smart Plan book

    The Diet Smart Plan book is a very interesting alternative to your traditional diet in that it takes a long-term approach rather than a short, sharp, shock approach. It is the ability to maintain your diet over a prolonged period of time which will determine your success or your failure and indeed it will determine how healthy your diet becomes and how healthy you are in the future.

    We will now take a look at some of the elements of the Diet Smart Plan book which will put into perspective exactly what you can expect.

    Calorie intake

    Initially those undertaking the Diet Smart Plan will be asked to restrict their calorie intake to an amount which is equal to 8 times their body weight to lose weight. Once your optimum weight has been realised then you will be allowed to increase this calorie intake to 11 times their body weight. This focused approach to calorie intake, and indeed the variation in later periods, seems to have helped many people. Read more »

    Diet.com diet program

    diet.comThe diet.com diet program is an online program which covers a variety of different areas in an attempt to improve your diet and improve your overall health. It incorporates what many believe to be the best of the diet industry and gives you variety and options in relation to what you eat, when you eat as well as exercise and nutritional values.

    Diet plan

    The website offers a variety of different services which include a diet quiz, meal plans, exercise plans and dietician consultants. It is the ability to give you the option to ask questions, learn facts and figures about your diet and calorie intake which many people find most helpful. It is not complex, it is not difficult to follow but it does allow you to remain in control. Read more »

    Diabetic Diet Book

    The idea of the diabetic diet book for sufferers has been around for many years now although such is the confusion regarding what is healthy and what is unhealthy for diabetics that it has attracted much controversy. The vast majority of diabetic diets are high in fibre and low in fat with many also encouraging people to reduce their intake of carbohydrates which have a high glycaemic index. All in all there is much controversy and much confusion surrounding the best way forward for diabetics.

    The history of diabetes

    Diabetes goes back to the year 3500 BC in Egypt so it is not something which has suddenly appeared on the scene although there is no doubt that instances of diabetes have increased dramatically over the years. The condition itself relates to the insulin in the body and as there are two different types of diabetes there can either be too much insulin or too little insulin. Various foods and various diets can hinder or assist a diabetic therefore it is vital to know the specific intricacies of the type of diabetes which you are looking to control. Read more »

    Ultimate Detox Diet Book

    This particular detox diet is said to be the “Ultimate Detox Diet Book” which will literally clean your body of all harmful toxins and leaving you feeling “refreshed and much healthier”. However, there is some dispute as to the overall success of detox diets and whether they actually improve your health.

    Background to detox diets

    There is no doubt that detox diets are perhaps one of the more popular diets available today because the idea of flushing away potentially harmful toxins from your body sounds very healthy indeed. This may well mean that you need to cut out particular foods for a specific period of time and perhaps concentrate on one type of liquid or one type of food over that period. The idea is to refrain from in taking further potentially harmful toxins which can stay in your body for years to come while flushing out those which are currently “in your body”. Read more »

    CRON-Diet book

    cron dietThe CRON-Diet book comes across as a rather bizarre heading and title but it actually stands for calorie restriction with optimal nutrition. As the name would suggest it is a nutrient rich diet, which attempts to ensure you have all the nutrients and minerals you require, while in taking a redcued amount of calories per day. The diet itself was created by Roy Walford, Lisa Walford and Brian Delaney and has been the basis for a number of similar diets such as the longevity diet and the anti-ageing diet.

    Indeed such has been the success of the CRON-Diet that we now have a CR Society International group which is purely and simply created to promote the diet. Read more »

    Cretan Diet

    cretan dietAs the name would suggest, the Cretan diet book is based upon a study from Crete which took place between 1958 and 1970. It may not be common knowledge but the Cretan diet is actually the basis for the Mediterranean diet which many people believe to be one of the healthiest in the world. There are a number of reasons why this particular diet is proving very popular but the main ones are the fact that it attracts a very low rate of heart disease, has only a moderate intake of fat and many people have lived to a ripe old age.

    Healthy oils

    Over the years many have become accustomed to the benefits of olive oil although many people may not exactly know why it is so beneficial. It is the monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants which make the difference and which have literally changed the life and times of many people. The Mediterranean is an area of the world which is very well respected in the diet industry and it is the use of oils such as olive oil which seems to have tipped the balance. Read more »

    Carol Vorderman diet book

    Carol Vorderman dietThere are few people who will not have come across the Carol Vorderman diet book which has taken the celebrity diet market by storm. It is basically a 28 day detox diet which has been created with the assistance of Ko Chohan who is an expert in detox diets.

    Is this another celebrity rip-off?

    The feedback from the Carol Vorderman 28 day detox diet has been very positive since it was first introduced despite scepticism from many in the media. The reality is that Carol Vorderman herself is a disciple of her detox diet and there are regular comments about her look and health. She has won an array of awards for the way she looks and the way she has presented herself which is a perfect example of what her diet can do for you. Read more »

    Candida Control diet

    The Candida control diet (relating to yeast infection or thrush) is one of the very few diets directly related to the potential treatment of a medical condition. Sufferers of the condition will need to follow a very strict and a very tough diet in order to get the best out of the program. Every website you read about the Candida diet program you will see the need to follow the diet as closely as humanly possible.

    Structure of the diet

    While there is no real diet meal planner as such there are many different types of food which you will need to avoid and others which you can eat on a regular basis. Read more »

    The Cambridge Diet book

    cambridge dietThe Cambridge diet book was developed back in 1970 and while it has been rebranded as the Cambridge Weight Plan (in January 2010) it is still very much the same diet as when originally created. As the name suggests it was created at Cambridge University in England by Dr Alan Howard and we will now look at the pros and cons, positives and negatives and the way in which the diet itself is structured.

    Structure of the Cambridge diet

    The diet itself is very controversial due in the main to the fact that calorie intake per day can range from anywhere between 440 and 1500. In the eyes of many people, the lower end of this range is “unhealthy” and could put individuals at risk. However, the diet is structured in such a way as to maintain the body’s intake of vital elements of an everyday diet while reducing calorie intake and hunger pangs. Read more »

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