Carol Vorderman diet book

Carol Vorderman dietThere are few people who will not have come across the Carol Vorderman diet book which has taken the celebrity diet market by storm. It is basically a 28 day detox diet which has been created with the assistance of Ko Chohan who is an expert in detox diets.

Is this another celebrity rip-off?

The feedback from the Carol Vorderman 28 day detox diet has been very positive since it was first introduced despite scepticism from many in the media. The reality is that Carol Vorderman herself is a disciple of her detox diet and there are regular comments about her look and health. She has won an array of awards for the way she looks and the way she has presented herself which is a perfect example of what her diet can do for you.

Do detox diets work?

This particular detox diet is a very user-friendly version of the probably harsher original detox diet which many people struggled to maintain. Using the Carol Vorderman diet you will not be able to intake carbohydrates, dairy products, meat, caffeine or alcohol for a total of 28 days which does sound daunting. The truth is that very soon after you begin your detox diet you will begin to feel the benefits and indeed detox diets have received positive comment from the scientific community.

What is a detox diet?

The main purpose of a detox diet is to flush your body of all the toxins and waste which can build up over the years and cause problems further down the line. It is inconceivable that the modern day diet is 100% healthy and scientists have proven time and time again that waste deposits can remain in the body for many years. They can reduce the efficiency of your vital organs, they can cause problems in later life and they will and do impact upon your immediate health.

Think of the Carol Vorderman detox as your MOT

The beauty of the Carol Vorderman diet is the fact that it is only intended to last for 28 days and is not a lifetime or life changing diet. It allows your body to flush out the various potentially harmful toxins and waste which may otherwise remain in your body for years to come. If you think of this particular diet as an MOT for your body and your health then you would not be far from the truth. It is basically a fine tune of your organs, your diet and your body which should make your body more efficient and you much healthier.


Despite initial scepticism from “another celebrity” releasing a diet into the wider world there is no doubt that the Carol Vorderman detox diet has been well received. The very fact that it lasts for only 28 days allows you to focus on the future and reduces the pressure of a life changing and long-term diet. The reality is that you can jump aboard the Carol Vorderman diet any time in the future when you feel your body needs detoxed and you will feel the immediate benefits.

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