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cron dietThe CRON-Diet book comes across as a rather bizarre heading and title but it actually stands for calorie restriction with optimal nutrition. As the name would suggest it is a nutrient rich diet, which attempts to ensure you have all the nutrients and minerals you require, while in taking a redcued amount of calories per day. The diet itself was created by Roy Walford, Lisa Walford and Brian Delaney and has been the basis for a number of similar diets such as the longevity diet and the anti-ageing diet.

Indeed such has been the success of the CRON-Diet that we now have a CR Society International group which is purely and simply created to promote the diet.

What is the CRON-Diet?

It is very interesting to look behind the scenes of the CRON-Diet because basically every individual is labelled with a “setpoint” which is effectively their healthy weight in relation to their modern day eating habits, hereditary factors and childhood eating habits. The idea behind this particular diet is the fact that you should remain between 10% and 25% on the “setpoint weight” for the diet to have maximum impact.

Body fat content

The ideals of the diet are based very much around your body fat content which should be between 10% and 15% for females and 6% and 10% for males. By taking into account an individual’s weight and their body fat content an optimum weight can be calculated and this will be the target for the individual undertaking the CRON-Diet.

We then move on to the calorific intake which should on the whole be around 20% less than their daily intake at that moment in time. This can be adjusted as the diet progresses depending upon the rate of success and will be constantly monitored. When you take into account the average daily intake is 1800 cal per person then we have potentially up to 360 cal to omit from our diets.

Meal timetable

In simple terms you will still have three meals per day although depending upon your dietary requirements and your timescales/schedules this can be adjusted to take into account smaller meals. Supplements such as vitamin pills are also a major element of the CRON-Diet as are the likes of so-called “nutrient superchargers” such as brewers yeast, wheat bran, wheat germ, milk, soya beans and tofu for example.

Mentally challenging

There are some diets whereby there is some freedom to vary your calorie intake, exercise and target weight loss but the CRON-Diet is very focused upon a particular formula. It is therefore much easier to “get your head around” what is required, when it is required and what you need to do. On this basis, and bearing in mind you are not omitting a massive amount of calories, many people find the CRON-Diet easier to follow than more traditional diets.


While perhaps the name CRON-Diet has put some people off looking at this particular healthy diet program there is no doubt it certainly has benefits for many people. It is the scientific way in which your target weight is calculated which very much takes away the pressure and the stress of wondering what to aim for.

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