Diabetic Diet Book

The idea of the diabetic diet book for sufferers has been around for many years now although such is the confusion regarding what is healthy and what is unhealthy for diabetics that it has attracted much controversy. The vast majority of diabetic diets are high in fibre and low in fat with many also encouraging people to reduce their intake of carbohydrates which have a high glycaemic index. All in all there is much controversy and much confusion surrounding the best way forward for diabetics.

The history of diabetes

Diabetes goes back to the year 3500 BC in Egypt so it is not something which has suddenly appeared on the scene although there is no doubt that instances of diabetes have increased dramatically over the years. The condition itself relates to the insulin in the body and as there are two different types of diabetes there can either be too much insulin or too little insulin. Various foods and various diets can hinder or assist a diabetic therefore it is vital to know the specific intricacies of the type of diabetes which you are looking to control.

The intake of carbohydrates

The intake of carbohydrates recommended for diabetic sufferers varies dramatically across the board anywhere from 40% to in excess of 75%. There are many different opinions regarding this particular subject especially when you consider that sugar is known to contribute to the development of diabetes. Against this backdrop it is very difficult for sufferers themselves to be able to clearly see a way forward and a diet which will assist them in not only the short term but also the medium and long term.

Low carbohydrate alternatives

There are a number of low carbohydrate diets available on the market as well as a number of low GI diets (glycemic index) which have assisted many diabetics across the board over the years. If you yourself are a sufferer of diabetes or perhaps a family member or friend then we strongly recommend doing more research on the subject.

Vegetarian diets

Interestingly a number of people have taken up the option of diabetic diets in form of vegetarian diets/vegan diets because there are a surprisingly low number of instances of diabetes in this particular social group. The truth is that scientific evidence seems to counteract each other and the best guideline we have is the fact that social groups such as vegans and vegetarians suffer very low instances of diabetes. Whether this is as a direct consequence of their dietary habits or indeed their lifestyle is debatable but it certainly gives us food for thought.

Timing your meals

It is imperative that those who are suffering from diabetes time their meals on a regular basis because it can have a dramatic impact upon the condition. Indeed many people will check their blood sugar levels prior to going to sleep and some may well take long acting carbohydrates to counteract any low level reading.


The subject of diabetic diet is one which has attracted more than its fair share of controversy and attention over the years. Different scientific evidence seems to point in different directions and indeed many people have looked down the vegan diet and vegetarian diet routes because of significantly lower instances of diabetes in this particular social group compared to the “general population”.

If you are looking for a diabetic diet then we strongly recommend reading about the condition and doing your homework because it can be complex and often difficult to understand.

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