Diet Smart Plan book

The Diet Smart Plan book is a very interesting alternative to your traditional diet in that it takes a long-term approach rather than a short, sharp, shock approach. It is the ability to maintain your diet over a prolonged period of time which will determine your success or your failure and indeed it will determine how healthy your diet becomes and how healthy you are in the future.

We will now take a look at some of the elements of the Diet Smart Plan book which will put into perspective exactly what you can expect.

Calorie intake

Initially those undertaking the Diet Smart Plan will be asked to restrict their calorie intake to an amount which is equal to 8 times their body weight to lose weight. Once your optimum weight has been realised then you will be allowed to increase this calorie intake to 11 times their body weight. This focused approach to calorie intake, and indeed the variation in later periods, seems to have helped many people.

Eat regularly and frequently

It will be surprising to learn that the Diet Smart Plan book demands that you eat at least five times a day and preferably six times a day if possible. This particular approach to mealtimes ensures a lack of hunger pangs and will speed up your digestive system over time. It is also the impact upon your body’s metabolism which will also bear fruit in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Weigh yourself regularly

Some diets suggest that participants weigh themselves infrequently so as to reduce the pressure on hitting a specific target. However, the Diet Smart Plan program suggests that you weigh yourself each morning and each evening to give yourself an idea of how much your body weight can vary and the ongoing success of your diet program.

Diet foods

This particular diet program offers a variety of different groups of foods such as free foods, basic foods, single portion food, modified foods and limited food. This obviously allows you to pick and choose which type of food you wish to eat at any specific time while limiting potential food which can impact upon your overall weight target. The ability to offer some control to participants while keeping a tight reign on the type of foods they are eating is vital to the success of any diet.

Weight program

While many diet programs will expect you to increase your exercise from day one the Diet Smart Plan asks you to refrain from beginning a new exercise program for six weeks. This six-week buffer allows you time to concentrate upon your dietary requirements initially and then slowly but surely filter in your exercise program. They will also show how much weight you can lose by dieting alone and how much you can lose by dieting and exercising – a concept which many people fail to grasp.


The Diet Smart Plan book has proved to be one of the more popular available today and it is the fairly unique approach to dieting which has caught the attention of many people. It will be interesting to see the feedback on this particular diet plan which has helped many people lose a significant amount of weight and improve their overall fitness levels.

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