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abs dietThe Abs Diet is one which has courted controversy because it seems to be fairly lackadaisical in what you can eat and when you can eat but there is a structure to the whole Abs Diet. It is seen by many as a balanced diet even though it is specifically centred round 12 nutrient packed foods which researcher has shown to provide all the vitamins, minerals and fibre which your body needs. So what exactly can this diet do for you?

How does the Abs Diet work?

This is a six week programme which will allow you to eat six times a day without counting the calories you are taking in. It rotates between two smaller meals then one larger meal, two small meals than one large meal, etc, etc. There is a belief that this particular style of dieting will ensure that you are not hungry throughout the day and the very fact that you are not counting calories will mean that there is less pressure upon you.

Each of the meals which you take in must contain at least two of the 12 foods highlighted in this particular diet program. The power foods are almonds, beans, spinach, instant oatmeal, eggs, peanut butter, raspberries, loyal, whole grains, etc. The diet even allows you one “cheat meal” per week which is effectively a luxury to take away any pressure which you may be feeling.

What is the result of the Abs Diet?

Results are everything in the diet game therefore it is worth noting that the Abs Diet is seen by many as a way of triggering muscle growth and burning body fat. There are some wild and wonderful claims that you can have a six-pack within a matter of weeks although in reality it may take a little longer. Interestingly this particular diet has not necessarily taken the world by storm but it has also attracted little in the way of major criticism.

We are in a day and age when the “body beautiful” is very much in our face 24 hours a day seven days a week making many people feel inferior. If the Abs Diet can in any way burn excess body fat and encourage muscle growth then for some people this would be a perfect boost to their confidence.

Mind over matter

The Abs Diet is well structured in a way that you are allowed to eat up to 6 meals a day, rotating between large meals and smaller meals, and indeed you even have a “cheat meal” of your choice each week. In many ways diets are won and lost in the mind because many of us feel pressure to conform to a specific diet plan which can be very restrictive and inflexible. Whether or not you agree with the Abs Diet it is very popular and it does give you more freedom than the vast majority of diets do.


While the Abs Diet is not necessary for everybody there is no doubt that it does have particular attractions. It is the variation of foods allowed, the large number of meals allowed, the “cheat meals” and the fact that it is said to increase the burning of body fat while encouraging muscle growth. Interesting?

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