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alkaline dietLike so many diets which are away from the mainstream, the Alkaline Diet is something which has attracted caution and scepticism from the scientific community. It is basically a diet which reduces the intake of certain elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper which are said to leave deposits in the body which can cause fatigue.

What are these deposits left within the body?

The so-called deposits which are left within the body are known as “Ash” with certain elements associated with certain foods. There is no clear evidence that this “Ash” is indeed left in the body when eating certain elements and certain foods but there are a number of people who have used the Alkaline Diet to great effect.

There is no doubt that the body does ingest a wide range of different elements some of which are helpful and some of which are detrimental to our everyday health. The truth is that a balanced approach to diets is paramount to the success of any diet. Cutting out certain elements may well assist with a specific ailment or potential side-effect but in reality is it potentially pushing your body out of balance?

Balancing the elements in your diet

The vast majority of foods allowed under the Alkaline Diet include fresh citrus, low sugar fruits, vegetables, nuts and other similar foods. The diet is structured around a requirement to balance the intake of alkaline elements to reduce the level of alkaline in the bloodstream. There are suggestions that the Alkaline Diet can assist with bone conditions, cancer and other elements but in reality there is very little in the way of strong hard evidence to this end.

While the specific benefits of the Alkaline Diet have been questioned by a number of scientists the truth is that if you have a balanced diet then you have the best chance of improving your health. We all know that we intake far too much in the way of dairy products, meat, sugar, alcohol and caffeine when we know it is not always good for us. So is a reduction in the alkaline element of your bloodstream such a bad thing?

Similar diets

There have been a number of similar diets introduced over the years which have been based around the chemical balance of certain elements in our everyday diet. Those who are not particularly comfortable with the Alkaline Diet suggest that the body has its own balancing system and can react to an increase or reduction in certain components. There is no doubt that to a certain extent this is the case but if we are directly impacting the intake of certain elements in our diet are we potentially assisting the body or introducing an imbalance?


The Alkaline Diet is one of the more obscure diets which has attracted more than its fair share of criticism over the years. However, when you look at the various chemical elements which we intake into our body there is a suggestion that by balancing this intake we can ultimately impact upon our long-term health. Even though the body has its own “balancing system” surely there is nothing wrong with giving the body a little assistance?

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