The Atkins Diet book

atkins dietThe Atkins Diet book was written by Robert Atkins back in 1972 after he read a journal of the American Medical Association covering low carbohydrate diets. Despite the fact that back in 1972 there was much scepticism with regards to alternative diet solutions he championed the Atkins Diet and indeed confirmed that it helped him combat his own weight problems. The original 1972 book was updated in 2002 although the concept and the structure are very much the same.

The basic Atkins Diet

The basic assumption of the Atkins Diet is that by reducing the number of carbohydrates in your diet this will force your body to stop storing glucose as energy and start converting body fat to energy. This change in metabolism is a critical part of the Atkins Diet and is commonly known as ketosis. While there are many rumours and counter rumours regarding the Atkins Diet the fact is that due to a reduction in the number of carbohydrates ingested by the body and a relative increase in the number of fats and proteins the whole structure of your diet will change.

It is common knowledge that fats and proteins take longer to digest than carbohydrates which may in many ways explain the lack of hunger pangs amongst those who have experienced the Atkins Diet. There is no minimum or maximum amount of food you can eat in any one day therefore the physical and mental pressure is released.

Conflicting evidence

Many people who have tried Atkins Diet are adamant that it has helped enormously with regards to the introduction of a healthy diet and weight loss. There is some evidence to show that it does help prevent cardiovascular disease, can help to lower the level of cholesterol in your body and indeed it can introduce “good cholesterol”. However, there are some who suggest the diet has links with osteoporosis and kidney stones although this is as yet unproven and a bone of contention.

Is the Atkins Diet right for you?

The reality is that each and every diet is very different and while some diets will work perfectly with some people, others will struggle. The Atkins Diet uses the basic concept that by reducing the body’s intake of glucose, supplied via carbohydrates, the metabolism of your body changes and rather than storing glucose your body will actually burn excess fat. The reality is that using excess fat as energy is perhaps the pinnacle of any diet and will very quickly impact upon an individuals weight.

The diet itself has been used by a number of celebrities to great effect which has helped to encourage the popularity of this particular diet plan. There are now a number of diet books covering the Atkins Diet in more detail which make very interesting reading.


The basics of the Atkins Diet can be traced back to the 1970s and despite the fact that the original diet book has been updated in 2002 the structure is very much the same. The ability to change the way in which your body metabolises glucose and switches to burning excess fat for energy is the mainstay of this particular dietary plan.

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