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best bet dietThe Best Bet Diet book is something of a godsend for many sufferers of multiple sclerosis which is the particular condition that this diet is used to combat. There is some scepticism as to whether in fact the Best Bet Diet does work and does impact upon multiple sclerosis side-effects but those who have tried it have on the whole returned very positive views.

How does the Best Bet Diet work?

The idea behind the diet is very simple in that it involves avoiding gluten which is present in wheat, barley and rye products. There is also a requirement to reduce your intake of dairy products, yeast and eggs which are seen by many people as one of the potential problems and ways in which your diet can impact upon the medical condition. As well as reducing the intake of certain elements of everyday diets it is also recommended that anybody undertaking the Best Bet Diet should increase their intake of vitamins D, calcium and magnesium.

So does the Best Bet Diet work?

There are many people on the Internet who have suffered from multiple sclerosis for many years and many of these have tried the Best Bet Diet. The basic concept is the fact that some food elements are able to escape from the gut lining and cause an autoimmune reaction within the body. There is some medical evidence to suggest this is correct although as with any diet which is slightly different to the norm there are many people who are sceptical.

The idea that certain foods will impact upon certain medical conditions is not a new one and has been around for many years now. The Best Bet Diet itself has been available since 1996 and was created specifically for those suffering from multiple sclerosis. The reality is that many people do find the diet helpful and find that it does reduce the impact of the condition on their everyday lives.

Healthy diets

The reality is that the Best Bet Diet is one which was created specifically for multiple sclerosis sufferers but it is also one which has proven to be beneficial for many people. The idea that we can control any medical side-effects by what we eat and how often we eat is not a new concept but it is one which is often overlooked. We all know that certain foods will remain in our bodies for a significant amount of time, we all know that excessive food and drink will and can cause problems but we still continue to live our lifestyles.

Whether or not the Best Bet Diet is the answer for multiple sclerosis sufferers is a question which only the scientists and researchers can answer in full but the reality is that many people do find it beneficial. If it works for them then who are we to criticise?


The idea of targeting specific diets at specific medical conditions is one which has been tried and tested over the years. There is evidence from users and the scientific community that the Best Bet Diet does actually assist in controlling and reducing the debilitating impact of multiple sclerosis on sufferers. If you yourself are a sufferer or indeed you have a friend or colleague with the condition then even if this diet was to take just the smallest part of the pain away surely it must be worth it?

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