Blood Type diet book

The blood type diet book is one of the more controversial diets available today and one which is basically centred round your blood type. It was created by naturopathic physician Peter D’Adamo and while it is claimed the diet is backed up by a raft of biochemists and glycobiologists there is some scepticism with regards to the structure of the diet.

Why are food types centred round different blood groups?

The ultimate foundations of the blood type diet suggest that different foods and different elements of foods react very differently between the array of different blood types. Therefore some foods will be more beneficial to those with a specific blood type while the same food may be detrimental to those with a different blood type. The idea seems to be reasonable if you believe that your blood type determines how your body reacts to specific chemicals.

Specific worldwide races

In order to fully understand the blood type diet book the founder has split the worldwide race into 13 specific groups. Each of the specific groups has a particular dietary requirement which can vary quite widely across-the-board. Again, if we look back in time it is very evident that different races around the globe had a very different diet so is the basis for the blood type diet correct?

Research and evidence to support the diet

There is an ongoing argument that there is insufficient evidence and research into the blood type diet to conclude either way whether it is helpful or unhelpful. Despite the fact that the founder has placed a number of research documents and evidence in the public domain there is still enormous scepticism. You could argue that the blood type diet is one of the more “off the wall” diets of the day but in reality it seems to be based around a specific scientific view or opinion.

Reviews of the blood type diet

Despite the fact that the diet itself has attracted controversy and scepticism in equal measures, there have been some very useful and very helpful reviews of the blood type diet book. The truth is that some diets work for some people and some diets have no impact for others. Finding the right diet for you may not be easy and may take some time but it will definitely be worth it. You also need to feel comfortable with any diet program which you embark upon to ensure that your mind and your body are focused.

Diet books

The blood type diet book is just one of many now available online ready for delivery direct to your doorstep. These are professionally written, well researched and very detailed accounts of what a specific diet can do for you. There are pros and cons to every diet and you need to be fully aware of the situation.

Taking advice

Before you embark upon any diet plan you need to take the advice of your doctor to ensure that you are not placing yourself in danger. There are some people who are desperate to take on the latest headline grabbing diets when in reality they may not be for them. We therefore strongly recommend taking professional health advice before changing your diet significantly.

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