Body for Life Diet

The Body for Life diet has been around since 1996 and is in essence a 12 week nutrition and exercise program created by Bill Phillips who was a former bodybuilder. The Body for Life programme uses many of the principles from the bodybuilding industry but they have been packaged in such a way as to make them easily understandable and more attractive for the mass consumer market. In effect, Bill Phillips has removed the mask of mystery from the bodybuilding industry.

Bodybuilding factors

It is well-known that the human body will adapt itself to various changes in food intake and either slow down or increase metabolism. The idea of the Body for Life programme is to reduce the metabolism longer term by increasing the muscle element of your body and ensuring that less fat is wasted. This also ensures that energy expenditure is maximised during aerobic exercises and fat loss is encouraged.

The programme is a long-term alternative to many of the so-called yo-yo diets which see people lose significant amounts of weight only to “fall off the wagon” in the future. The idea is to improve the structure of your body, slow down your metabolism and ensure that you get maximum energy from the foods that you eat.

The structured programme

The programme takes in a variety of different exercises, nutrients and dietary requirements which are categorised from Monday to Saturday with Sunday given as a free day. By exercising various parts of the body it is believed that after the 12 week programme is over the metabolism will have slowed and your body will ensure maximum efficiency for energy expenditure.

It all sounds very complicated and very difficult to follow but in reality the idea behind the Body for Life diet program is based around the long-held beliefs of the bodybuilding industry.

Excessive exercise

Due to the fact that the Body for Life programme is built around a bodybuilding structure it will require what many will see as excessive exercise. Therefore, in reality the program itself is not necessarily suitable for everybody and indeed they may well be medical conditions which need to be considered. Each and every diet which is now available offers a very different theory as to how the body can improve, dietary issues are addressed and maximum efficiency obtained.

Eating habits

The basic eating requirements for the Body for Life programme will see followers taking six small meals per day as opposed to the more traditional three standard sized meals. Each sitting will include one portion of carbohydrates and one portion of protein to ensure the body has enough energy. Vegetables also play a major role in this particular dietary programme as will multivitamins and limited consumption of dairy products.


The Body for Life diet is one which has gained significant attention in the dietary market due to the very high profile before and after pictures available. There is a science behind this particular dietary programme and while the results are there for all to see it is perhaps one of the more difficult in terms of excessive exercise and dietary changes.

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