Breatharianism diet

The Breatharianism diet book is one of the most controversial in the diet world because it gives credence to the concept that it is possible to survive without food or water for a prolonged period of time. In many ways it is a life style diet although it has attracted significant criticism from the scientific community who believe it is dangerous and potentially life-threatening.


The idea of the Breatharianism diet is similar to that of fasting whereby carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other everyday dietary elements are absent from the body. The body would normally burn reserves of glycogen, body fat and muscle in this specific environment but those who follow the Breatharianism diet are adamant that this does not occur. The scientific community believes that withdrawing traditional food intake from the body leads to starvation, dehydration and then eventually death.

Religious connections

This particular diet is controversial in so many different ways because it does deprive the body of necessary proteins and nutrients to survive. However, it is very closely linked to religion and the fact that in many cases mind over matter and mind over body are achievable results. We then have the traditional friction between the scientific industry and the religious beliefs around the world which have been in place for many years now.

Tragedies on the Breatharianism diet

It is worth pointing out that a number of followers of this controversial diet have indeed died while carrying out their beliefs. Despite the fact that these tragedies have occurred there is still a widespread belief amongst many people that it does actually help to cleanse the body and cleanse the mind. It is worthwhile differentiating this particular diet from the religious-based fasting period because there are differences in the timescales.

Why has the Breatharianism diet attracted any followers?

It is difficult to underestimate the belief which some people have in this particular diet although it is also very difficult to understand why it has such a strong following. Scientific evidence would suggest that there are significant dangers although many people are still adamant it is beneficial to their long-term health. Yoga, meditation and similar “mind over matter” exercises have been proven to benefit both the inner and outer body but the Breatharianism diet still continues to attract widespread disbelief.

Is this diet for you?

If you ask any researchers, dieticians, scientists or others from the world of food they will very likely suggest that you would be crazy to even consider the Breatharianism diet. Scientifically it is proven in traditional circumstances to be detrimental to the health of the individual but again we see the friction between religion and science. There are many who still swear by the Breatharianism diet and many still put their bodies through this torturous regime.


There are very few diets which would appear to have very little in the way of benefit when considered against scientific evidence. However, if there is one such diet it has to be the Breatharianism diet which has been marked as dangerous and potentially life-threatening. So who is right? Science or religion?

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