Cabbage Soup Diet book

cabbage soup dietThe Cabbage Soup Diet book is one which has been subject to much ridicule over the years and is seen by many experts as nothing but a fad. As the name suggests, it revolves around heavy consumption of a low-calorie cabbage soup over a seven-day period during which time the individual can “expect” to lose up to 10 pounds of weight. We will now take a look at the concept of the diet and whether it actually works.

Background to the Cabbage Soup Diet

The diet itself can be traced back to 1980s and has been available under a variety of different names over the years. While the diet itself is based around cabbage soup it must be stated that not all variations of the diet assume “100% consumption of cabbage soup over the seven-day period”.

Scientific objections

Scientists and dieticians are completely unconvinced as to the boast that individuals can lose up to 10 pounds a week under the Cabbage Soup Diet. While some would argue there is evidence to show this is the case the reality is that many experts believe that the vast majority of weight loss is down to a reduction in body water. Whether this is the case or not remains to be seen but there are very few who are positive with regards to the long-term benefits of the diet.

Structure of the diet

The diet is structured over a seven-day period when cabbage soup is eaten with a variety different fruit, vegetables, meat, rice and variations of the above. It has improved dramatically over the early years from when a large number of proteins, nutrients and minerals were missing from the diet. Whether or not it is acceptable and suitable for everybody remains to be seen but it is still around over 30 years later.

Side effects

One of the major side-effects from the Cabbage Soup Diet is flatulence which can be very embarrassing especially in a public place! Many people also complain about nausea towards the end of their first week at the merest smell or sight of cabbage soup. There is also a belief that the Cabbage Soup Diet does affect how your breath smells and can again be embarrassing in social circles.

Short-term weight loss

The evidence put forward would seem to suggest that the Cabbage Soup Diet is something which could be used in relatively short spaces of time to lose a specific amount of weight. Whether or not the individual would regain this weight after leaving the diet is again another matter for debate. Many people have tried the Cabbage Soup Diet to great effect while others have left the diet early due to the various side-effects.


While the Cabbage Soup Diet has attracted ridicule over the years there is no doubt that for many people it does offer the chance for short-term weight loss. Whether or not these individuals are able to maintain this weight loss after leaving the diet is another matter for debate but in reality it is something of a fad diet which has no real long-term value.

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