Candida Control diet

The Candida control diet (relating to yeast infection or thrush) is one of the very few diets directly related to the potential treatment of a medical condition. Sufferers of the condition will need to follow a very strict and a very tough diet in order to get the best out of the program. Every website you read about the Candida diet program you will see the need to follow the diet as closely as humanly possible.

Structure of the diet

While there is no real diet meal planner as such there are many different types of food which you will need to avoid and others which you can eat on a regular basis.

Food you can eat

We will now list a few of the general foods which you can eat successfully on the Candida diet plan: –


You are able to eat the likes of beef, salmon, turkey, tuna, fish, duck, goose, pheasant and all gamebirds to name but a few.

Nuts, seeds and oils (unprocessed)

The variety of nuts, seeds and oils which you can eat on the diet consists of almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds and filberts.

Fresh vegetables

Like so many health-conscious diets there is scope to eat as much fresh vegetables as you feel comfortable with because there are many beneficial side-effects to this. There are obviously too many fresh vegetables to list!

Whole grains

It is advised that you should refrain from any whole-grain food in your diet for the first two weeks after which you can try the likes of barley, corn, oats, rice, etc.

Foods to avoid

As you may well have guessed, there are many foods to avoid with the Candida diet program which include: –

Fruit juices

It is advised that you avoid all fruit juices with the exception of freshly prepared juice which will have very little in the way of additives.

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are certainly off the agenda for those following this particular diet with the exception of traditional medical herb teas which again may well assist in fighting the condition.


There is most certainly an aversion to dairy products in this particular diet plan and all types of cheese have been crossed off the list.


All varieties of yeast and products containing yeast can have a material impact upon the condition itself. Therefore it is no surprise to see that all yeast and yeast products are not advised.

Condiments, sauces and vinegar

This particular requirement to avoid condiments, sauces and vinegar will catch the eye of many people because they are commonplace across the world. There are some exceptions with relation to fresh squeezed lemon juice and other similar toppings but these are few and far between.


We have attempted a look at some of the food groups which are allowed and not allowed under the Candida diet program to give you an idea of what to expect. This is not the full list of available and non-available foods but it will give you an idea as to what to expect. When you take into account the fact this is a medically induced diet then potentially those considering it will often have little choice.

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